Belisario Domínguez 155,Del Carmen, Coyoacán, 04100, Ciudad de México


● Vacuum driven Open Track transport for best document handling.
42 inches per second ≈ 200 pages per minute, 300 DPI, dots per inch color A4 size documents.
● Physical bates stamping and multiple document numbering reset on the fly in same batch scan.
● Real-time barcode recognition (laser), prior image acquisition.
● Best ROI return on investment derived from:
▲ Lower reprocessing do to continuous and constant quality images.
▲ Optimization of workspaces, personnel, infrastructure and process control.
● CCD scanning technology optimize to meet the guidelines for the digitization of cultural heritage materials FADGI*.
* Lower page per minute throughput expected.


● Specially designed to be operator fed and provide the greatest possible care to documents.
● High-performance industrial design, with working cycles up to 24 hours x 7 days.
● CCD scanning technology and professional lenses option to meet the guidelines for the digitization of cultural heritage materials FADGI.


Consumables: Up to 24 changes of Automatic Document Feeder “ADF” Kits, does not apply to CURATOR scanner.
Open Shop: Technical training for up to 3 members each month.
Web support assisted by specialized personnel: 24 hrs. or less response time with video assistance in real time.
Preventive Maintenance
First year: Entitled to two calibrations annually by the manufacturer in the manufacturer’s premises or paying shipping charges for technicians.
Second, Third and Fourth year: Entitled to two calibrations as first year + major maintenance (Overhaul), change all bearings and bands, alignment and / or replacement of shafts.

Fifth year: Replacement by new equipment with similar or superior characteristics “SCANNERS FOR LIFE”.


*BUSERDI program for Value Added Partners (VAR Partners)
● Buserdi only makes sales through authorized local channels, known as Value Added Partners (VAR Partners), as they represent a first-hand support do to the proximity to end users.
● In recognition of the efforts of the Value Added Partners (VAR Partners), Buserdi offers discounted prices according to sales and regional commitments.
● Access to webinars, marketing materials and use of logos, event and news releases.
● Buserdi offers continuous personalized training in an “Open Shop” scheme to both technical and sales personnel.
● The program also has sponsorship in events, co-exhibitions and sales campaigns.